Africa Mission

Mission Rabies and EISMV

At East Coast Vets we are not only passionate about caring for our pets here on the Shore but also reaching out across the globe to pets in need. Since 2017 Drs. Patrick and Michelle have worked alongside Dr. Salifou Bishop of Loving Pet Care Hospital in Baltimore to help bring advances in veterinary medicine and public health to Senegal. They have been involved in teaching at Ecole Inter-États Des Sciences Et De Médecine Vétérinaires in Dakar, Senegal along with collaboration in bringing them a new state of the art veterinary teaching hospital.

They have also worked closely with Mission Rabies in trying to bring their amazing rabies elimination program to Senegal. Rabies remains a deadly disease throughout Asia and Africa killing an estimated 59,000 people a year, the majority of whom are children. 99% of human rabies cases are the direct result of dog bites. Mission rabies aims to eliminate this through an unprecedented vaccination program.